Easter is one of the most delicious times of the year – this holds true for both the chocolate and the advertising. Every year a myriad of companies put on their thinking caps to produce some cracking (mind the pun) Easter campaigns. Whether or not you follow Christianity, with $59 million dollars spent on Easter themed TV advertising in America in 2013 alone it is clear that marketers can’t wait to capitalize on the season.

In the spirit of the season here are a few of our favourite print Easter ads!


Developed at CumminsNitro, Melbourne in 2009. Nestlé’s terrifying bunny could earn a smile, even from a dieter, this Easter!


Heineken shows off its chocolate side.


Wilkinsons Razor shows off a smooth egg with this clever play on Easter imagery.


Zoo Cologne even changed its label to celebrate the season!


Singapore Zoo let the animals do the talking in advertising their Easter egg hunt!

 Some companies even developed a series of ads for the occasion.

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Our favourite is this series of strung out Easter animals by Zaini promoting their caffeinated chocolates. I know the chicken and the bunny are pretty obvious, why do you know why the fish is included? I’ll give you a hint; it’s the only Good Friday-friendly meat! Clever Zaini, very clever.

Some Easter ads are steamy enough to melt your chocolate, take a look at these tantalising eggs!


Italian brand Arteidea shows off what it got from Mama (Chicken) saying, “Easter and we are already ready for swimsuit season”.


Axe body spray sticks with the female inspired theme.

Don’t worry ladies! Theres something for you too.


A gym membership never looked so good.

But lets not forget what Easter is really about, the death of Jesus Christ.


Hell Pizza in Auckland has an ad that will send you straight to hell.

From all of us here at Generator, have a happy and safe Easter! 

Which is your favourite easter ad? Know of any eggcellent ones we’ve missed?