A few weeks ago the name ‘Kony’ didn’t mean very much to many people. Was it the neighbours’ dog? Some kind of food? One of those obscure ex-Soviet Bloc countries?

Apparently Kony isn’t any of those things, and since the KONY2012 campaign went viral some days ago, that’s become pretty obvious. Popping up on Facebook, Twitter, and even on television, you’ve probably been living in a cardboard box if you’ve managed to miss all the hype.

Even though it’s suffered some serious criticism (see here, here, and here), as far as marketing and online strategy are concerned, KONY2012 is a resounding success. With over 72 million views on YouTube and more than 16 million on Vimeo, not to mention immense celebrity backing, the folks over at Invisible Children have done what they set out to do (and then some).

All that said, it’ll be interesting to see if the campaign keeps its momentum. The mainstream media that helped introduce it to the masses have moved on, it’s no longer trending on Twitter, and discussion all over the internet has dropped off. With the ‘Cover The Night’ initiative coming up on April 20th, and even a fund-raising dance marathon on the way, the guys heading KONY2012 need to make sure they don’t drop off the radar.

If you have been living in a cardboard box, or would just like to know more, you can find the KONY2012 Media Kit here. For anyone who’s been following the campaign -what are your thoughts? Over-baked? So-so? The best thing since that last thing you thought was great? Let us know down in the comments!