Spambots, ladies, and gentlemen… Welcome to the 2013 edition of Output! To kick off the blog for the year we’re going to have a look at some of January’s most interesting campaigns. Judging by what we’ve seen, it’s going to be a pretty special year for digital marketing and advertising.

First up we have the Cadbury Joyville campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi. A TV spot featuring typically-saturated colours, the unmistakable Cadbury purple, and, importantly, a truck with a moustache, it’s a good note for Cadbury to start the year on:

Apparently the first episode of the company’s ‘Joyville Story’ for 2013, we might be seeing a few more like this.

Next up is McDonald’s TrackMyMaccas App. Developed by DDB, the app allows users to see where their burger’s ingredients came from, when they were shipped to the McDonald’s branch, and even read up on the farmers who grew them. In what must be a phenomenal back-end operation, the app accesses the McDonald’s supply chain in real-time and then creates an augmented-reality display for the user. A sophisticated bit of kit:

And our absolute favourite, a pseudo-meta-commercial thing for Samsung. A viral video in which a bear wanders onto the set of a washing machine commercial in British Columbia, someone had a lot of fun with this:

Rumour has it that it was staged… Who can say?

So those are a few of the better ones we’ve come across so far. And it’s not only because content is set to be of a higher quality this year than ever before that things are looking interesting. The internet is moving and changing, and with new stats out from Facebook that suggest mobile logins have surpassed PC logins, it looks like the game is set to ckeep changing.

What do you think of the campaigns we’ve chosen? Did you seen any good ones over January? Let us know down in the comments!