All ingredients for awesome campaigns, if you use them properly. You can take one and serve it up raw or you can mix them all together and create something wonderful. Getting it right is tough, of course, so we’ve decided to highlight a few solid campaigns.

Style – Yellowglen Sparkling

This is just fantastic. It’s a little extravagant, but that’s okay; so is sparkling wine. It’s also a little flashy, but not to the point where it tries too hard. There’s also some art and some taste to it, which is about perfect if the product is wine. The sell is nicely subtle as well. Perhaps a little too much so, which might be its only real flaw. A great bit of work all the same.

Silliness – 3’s Dancing Pony

The idea here is a good one. 3 knows the internet is great for all kinds of things: commerce, communicating important ideas, allowing access to huge swaths of the human race’s collective knowledge… but that at the end of the day, most people are more likely to watch a silly video than write a Wikipedia article. So 3 decided to give us a dancing pony. As well as a customisable dancing pony Youtube application.

It was made by high-profile agency Wieden & Kennedy, was expensive, and wants you to give your money to 3, but it’s just silly enough to make us disregard all those things and enjoy.

Novelty – LG’s Falling Floor

People like seeing new and incredible things. They like seeing other people get scared, people in unlikely situations, and stuff that’s just generally cool. LG’s stunt to advertise their new screen is all of those things.


All of the above have some serious thought and a lot of work in them. Making something stylish, silly, novel, or all three takes time and effort. Sometimes it’s risky, sometimes it doesn’t go so well, but when it works, it really works.

Does your brand need to get stylish, silly, and novel? Give us a call. We do that kind of thing for a living.