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Back Story

Gourmet Garden produces a unique
range of fresh herbs and spices
in easy, ready to use tubes.
Their products contain no
preservatives or flavours and are
created through a patented process
to lock in the freshness.

Their head office is tucked away
in the Sunshine Coast hinterland,
but their flavours are enjoyed
right around the world.

The Requests
+  Web Design
+  Content Management System
+  Email Marketing
+  Packaging Design
+  TV Advertising
+  Magazine Advertising
+  Banner Advertising
+  Marketing Collateral

The client said

"What's value?
Simple, it's the difference
between paying the Generator bill
and the longer term benefits
they bring to your business.

After dealing with Derek, Chris
and the team at Generator
for some five years now,
I've come to the realisation
that they can offer much more
than marketing/design services.
Their business acumen and insights on
branding, adds real value to a business.
How much value is down to the client.

Bottom line is, trust them.
The results are worth it"

Peter Currey
Head of Sales - Asia Pacific