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Back Story

After 60 years of unselfishly providing
care and support to Queenslanders living
with cerebral palsy and other disabilities,
the Cerebral Palsy League realised it was
time to pay more attention to themselves.

In an increasingly competitive environment,
it was time to underline the energy
that drives the organisation.
It was time to stand up and be noticed.
It was time to celebrate the joy of living.

The Requests
+  Brand Strategy
+  Creative Strategy
+  Brand Identity
+  Web Design
+  Graphic Design
+  Email Marketing
+  Mass Media Campaign

The Client Said:

"Working with the team
at Generator has been amazing.
The difference they've made to
our organisation is immeasurable.
Our new logo, our new website,
our new advertising campaign...
we love it all.

It's making a huge difference
to the way we present ourselves
and more importantly, to the
number of donations we receive.
Thanks guys for all your hard work.
You've been awesome"

Terri Fellowes
General Manager -
Marketing and Fundraising